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MEP Global Engineering is an India and USA Based MEP Design and BIM Design, CAD and MEP Drafting, MEP BIM Service Provider, MEP CAD Services, MEP Design and Drafting Services, solutions provider having ISO 9001:2015 certification when it comes to production and services expertise.

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The leading Service providers of

Architectural Design and BIM Modeling Solutions in USA

Our architectural engineering services, architectural drafting services, BIM Design and BIM Drafting design solutions are used by leading clients in this industry on a regular basis.

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Energy Modeling

The best quality in Energy Modeling

We at MEP Global Engineering can analyze the energy value of a building from each and every corner and recommend best ways to optimize the energy efficiency of that building. We are specialized in EnergyPlus, eQuest, OpenStudio, BCVTB, Phyton

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What We Do?

Transform your building projects with our exceptional MEP Design and Drafting Services. Our team of highly skilled and experienced civil engineers will deliver top-quality drafts that exceed your expectations. Leverage our expertise and take advantage of our unparalleled attention to detail to bring your vision to life. With our services, you can confidently move forward knowing that your project is in the hands of professionals who are dedicated to excellence.

Our main goal is to present building professionals with construction documentation that can be tested in virtual environment. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire system designs are crucial components of any building, serving as its lifelines. Throughout the past decade, our exceptional expertise in MEP/HVAC BIM modeling and drafting services has been consistently demonstrated. Through countless projects spanning various locations across the globe, we have solidified our reputation for delivering services of the highest standards. Our highly skilled team of MEP modelers are experts in developing intelligent BIM models that are specifically designed to enhance efficiency and productivity. By focusing on streamlining processes, our models facilitate smoother workflows and seamless collaboration among all stakeholders involved.It is of utmost importance that these designs are developed with the highest level of accuracy and perfection.

Our MEP engineering design validation services offer sustainable solutions for projects in various industries, including hospitals, commercial buildings, and industrial sectors.Our exceptional team of engineers possesses a wide range of skills and extensive expertise in various domains. They are dedicated to creating detailed MEPF BIM models that are not only accurate but also validated for constructability, performance, and long-term maintenance of the building. Rest assured, our talented engineers leave no stone unturned when it comes to delivering top-notch results. With our extensive knowledge of codes like IPC, ASHRAE, NFPA, and the ability to adhere to client and industry-specific drafting standards, we are able to offer flexible solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers. This not only guarantees efficient deliveries but also provides our clients with a sense of trust and reliability in our services.

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MEP Design and Drafting Sevices

MEP Global Engineering Provides Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing Design and Drafting Services in USA and Global Market. Our clients can use our services to test virtual models that allow us to attain greater success in a competitive market. Our services are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of professionals in the construction industry. From general contractors and engineers to consultants, MEP trade contractors, and fabricators, we specialize in producing accurate drawings for all MEP trades. You can trust us to provide you with precise and reliable documentation that will ensure smooth coordination among different stakeholders in your projects. MEP shop drawings play a crucial role in construction projects. These detailed drawings not only coordinate the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems but also help resolve clashes between different trades. By identifying optimal routes and strategically embedding fabrication details and installation locations, these shop drawings ensure smooth execution of the project while minimizing errors and delays.

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Building Information Modeling | BIM Services | BIM Service Provider | BIM Services USA

MEP Global Engineering Specialized in Point Cloud to BIM | BIM MEP Service | Clash Detection Service | BIM 5D Modeling (Cost Estimation) | Revit Family Creation | BIM Model Auditing Service | BIM Quantity Takeoff Service | 4D BIM Construction Simulation | Dynamo Integration with Revit. BIM MEP ServiceThat can be used for fitting and installation purposes on site or for manufacturing goals offsite. Our company offers top-notch BIM MEP Engineering Services throughout the United States, ensuring a predetermined level of development (LOD) ranging from 100 to 500. By leveraging our expertise, we excel at identifying and resolving conflicts that may arise between various building systems. This proactive approach significantly reduces the risk of construction errors and delays, providing peace of mind for our clients. Harnessing the power of BIM technology, accurate and data-rich 3D models of building systems offer a multitude of benefits. By simulating building performance, these models enable you to optimize energy efficiency and reduce costs. It's a game-changer for the construction industry, revolutionizing how buildings are designed and managed.

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Clash Detection & Coordination Services by MEP Global Engineering

Our Highly Skilled MEP engineers and BIM experts is highly expert to develop and deliver clash-free models in Navisworks to help sub-contractors and contractors to identify, inspect, eliminate and report soft and hard clashes. We are specialized in MEP BIM Coordination & Clash Detection | BIM Clash Detection | 3D Clash Detection and many more. Our expertise lies in MEP BIM Coordination & Clash Detection, as well as other services such as BIM Clash Detection and 3D Clash Detection. With our specialized knowledge and cutting-edge technology, we ensure seamless coordination and identify clashes to optimize your project's efficiency and minimize costly rework. Trust us to deliver outstanding results every step of the way.

MEP Global Engineering Latest Projects in MEP Design - Drafting, BIM Modeling, Plumbing Design-Drafting ,Archictectural Design Drafting in USA, UK, Canada nd Australia

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Who We Are?

MEP Global Engineering Management Team.

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Mayank Dataniya


MD founded MEP Global Engineering in 2012 has driven its growth into a truly global organization with technology as its heart beat and its clients as its focus.In March 2013, MD transitioned his role from CEO to Executive Chairman, where his focus is on the long term strategic vision of the company.

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Anjan Trivedi


Co-founded MEP Global Engineering and positioned as Vice President, Anjan has been instrumental in transforming MEP Global Engineering into INDIA’s 5000 MSME listed company.

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Ashish Raval


As cofounder of company, Ashish leads the execution of the marketing strategy and business development processes.

About Us

Welcome to MEP Global Engineering. We are a company excelling in MEP Design and Drafting,Architectural BIM Services, Scan To BIM Services, Architectural CAD Drafting, Construction Documentation, 3D Rendering Services, 3D Floor Plan Revit Family Creation CAD Services, Steel Detailing Services, Structural CAD Drafting, Structural Shop Drawings, BIM Modeling, MEP BIM Modeling, MEP BIM Coordination, Clash Detection, MEP Shop Drawings, MEP CAD Drafting, Point Cloud Modeling, Revit Family Creation, Drafting Services, BIM Modeling, Point Cloud To BIM, BIM Coordination, BIM Clash Detection, BIM Content Creation, 4D BIM Services, Quantity Takeoff, 6D BIM Services, 7D Facility Management, Mechanical Drafting Services, Product Design Services, Sheet Metal Design Services and Engineering Analysis Services preconstruction planning,3D modeling solutions and BIM (building information modeling) services and we regularly work with building services engineers, homebuilders, retailers, general contractors and architects.

MEP Global Engineering offers comprehensive solutions for all your MEP Building Information Modeling (BIM) needs. We position ourselves as a knowledgeable workforce of MEP/HVAC engineers with a collective experience of over 150 years. We have ample experience in providing high-quality services to the AEC industry. Our company is proud to offer top-notch MEP BIM services to a wide range of sectors. From educational institutions and healthcare facilities to plants, residential complexes, commercial buildings, and industrial spaces, we have the expertise to cater to all your needs. Our team of professionals is equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to deliver exceptional results in every project we undertake. We understand the unique requirements of each sector and strive to provide customized solutions that meet your specific demands. Trust us with your MEP BIM needs and experience our commitment to excellence first-hand.

With a decade of experience working closely with HVAC/MEP consultants, contractors, fabricators, and manufacturers worldwide, we offer top-notch MEP/HVAC BIM services. Our commitment to strict adherence to international industrial standards ensures impeccable quality every step of the way. Rest assured that our extensive expertise will exceed your expectations.

Our Capabilities as an MEP BIM Service Provider In the past ten years, we have proudly demonstrated our expertise in offering top-notch MEP/HVAC BIM modeling and drafting services. Our portfolio includes a wide range of successful projects across different locations worldwide, showcasing our commitment to delivering the highest standards in this field. Our exceptional team of highly skilled MEP modelers is dedicated to creating intelligent BIM models that are specifically designed to streamline and enhance your project's efficiency. With a strong emphasis on simplifying complex processes, our professionals are committed to ensuring a seamless workflow and enabling smooth collaboration among various teams. Trust us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that not only facilitate but also revolutionize your project management experience. • Coordination • Fabrication • Optimization • Installation

We make use of highly advanced 3D technology for coming up with all building and construction data and then validating the design data prior to creating highly accurate and precise construction documentation for construction, architectural and MEP engineering projects.

Our global reach makes it possible for us to work with general contractors, homebuilders, retailers, architects, building services engineers, main contractors, contractors and designers from all other parts of the world.

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What Client Say?

I found MEP Design Engineering team, easy to work with, responsive, cost competitive, and stands by their work. Team members communicate well with you and offer inventive and cost effective solutions when appropriate. I definitely look forward to work with the on my upcoming projects

Mike Shannon - Mechanical Contractor

Indeed it was good working with MEP Design Team on my few detailing projects. Team is very detail-oriented and responsive to the client’s needs. I highly recommend MEP Design Engineering

Richard Austin - Operation Director

Amazing Work MEP Design Team!! I would like to send an appreciation email for all of your recent efforts on various projects that we have been working on together.Your prompt responses and ability to meet deadlines is greatly appreciated.

Ryan Babbitt - Mechanical Contractor

I am an Architect Consultant for over 20 years and have used MEP Design guys for few of projects and have not had any bad or negative experiences. I have found them to be extremelyknowledgeable in all manners of Modelling, Clash Detection or other stuff like Take Off as well as shop drawings. The Output delivered to me are clear and precise, their over sight of projects allows me as Architect to be comfortable that they ensure the job is done exactly and specified with no deterrents.

Kevin McGuffin - Architectural Consultant

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

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