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BIM services are the way to go if you want to ensure that your MEP project is done on time and within budget. BIM-enabled MEP modeling and coordination not only ensures accuracy, it also helps in reducing the project’s duration by up to 40%. and costs by up to 15%. There’s no doubt that your project will look much better if you are using BIM-enabled modeling services for MEP construction. But how does it work? What exactly is BIM, and what makes it so popular in the field of architecture? BIM stands for Building Information Modeling.

This technology is primarily used in the architectural and engineering field to allow for the design of a building to be communicated between the designer, contractor, and builders. This can be done through a variety of different ways: BIM-enabled modeling services are not just limited to architecture. They can also be used in other fields such as construction management., engineering, and manufacturing. BIM-enabled modeling services are now being used in a variety of other industries due to the benefits that it provides.

BIM Services
BIM Services

Structural steel fabrication for example is a complex process and has not been entirely automated yet; BIM is likely to be able to surface some of the safety issues involved with this and help improve worker safety.

MEP Global Engineering BIM Services:

  • 3D BIM services
  • 4D construction scheduling and site logistics
  • 5D cost monitoring and procurement management
  • MEP BIM services
  • Point cloud to BIM
  • Revit family creation
  • Quantity take-offs
  • 3D as-built documentation
  • BIM clash detection and risk mitigation
  • Architectural BIM Services
  • Structural BIM Services
  • BIM Coordination Services
  • BIM Drafting Services
  • 3D Design Construction Modeling
  • 3D As-Built Documentation
  • BIM Modeling Services
  • BIM Architectural Services
  • BIM Architectural Design Services
  • BIM Architectural Detailing Services
  • BIM Structural Services
  • BIM Structural Design Services
  • BIM Structural Detailing Services

MEP BIM Services

  • Mechanical BIM Services
  • Electrical BIM Services
  • Plumbing BIM Services
  • Interior Design Services
  • Facade Modeling Services
  • COBie Modeling Services
  • Rebar Modeling Services
  • Landscape Modeling Services
  • BIM Automation
  • BIM Automation
  • Revit Automation
  • Navisworks Automation
  • Featured BIM Services
  • 3D BIM Modeling Visualization
  • 4D BIM Planning, Scheduling and Sequencing
  • 5D BIM Cost Estimation & Quantity Take-Offs
  • 6D BIM Sustainability & Energy Analysis
  • 7D BIM Facilities Management and Maintenance
  • BIM Clash Detection & Resolution
  • BIM Rendering & Walkthrough Services
  • BIM Revit Family Creation
  • BIM Consulting Services
  • BIM Implementation Services
  • BIM Documentation Services
  • BIM Execution Plan
  • BIM Integration

Sectors MEP Global Engineering work in

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Industry
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Airports
  • Infrastructure
  • Metro Rail

BIM offers a wide range of benefits, from increased safety and quality to increased productivity, better collaboration with stakeholders, and overall cost savings. In fact, many organizations have been able to make the switch to BIM for manufacturing in order to increase their bottom line.

A major benefit of using BIM is that it helps to improve safety and quality on any project. This is mainly because the design process is better organized, where all components are clearly defined before they are built. In addition, the use of BIM can help reduce construction costs by up to 30%, which can add up over time when savings are compounded across multiple projects. BIM helps design teams collaborate and share information more efficiently, and can also reduce project delays because it allows for faster feedback and changes to the construction process.

Why should architecture firms use BIM? Typically, architects and engineers would design a building by drawing plans and maps in their office before the construction begins. Because of differences in computer hardware, software, and internet speeds, this process takes weeks or months to complete. With BIM, it is possible to create these drawings on a computer screen while the construction is still taking place.

This contributes to a more efficient project and ultimately, a better result. BIM is often used in design projects such as hospitals, homes, and commercial buildings. Newer types of construction are also incorporating BIM into their workflows. Most notably this includes the use of BIM for civil engineering projects like bridges and tunnelling dig sites. The term “BIM” is often used in design projects such as hospitals, homes, and commercial buildings. Newer types of construction are also incorporating BIM into their workflows.

Most notably this includes the use of BIM for civil engineering projects like bridges and tunnelling dig sites. When using a Computer-Aided Design software program to create models, BIM allows engineers to quickly see the impact of design changes on future project phases. This can save time and money, while reducing the number of mistakes made during construction. BIM has also been used for building design and construction management. It enhances collaboration among designers and contractors by enabling them to share digital information with each other in a “real-time” online environment. BIM is also used in the field of manufacturing and production operations management, with the goal of capturing and sharing information about a complete product or process that can be analysed during design, in order to reduce variability, increase efficiencies by optimizing use of resources and materials, and improve quality. It encompasses a wide range of fields including asset management, lean manufacturing, production operations, project management and cost accounting.

BIM has been applied to construction projects since the late 1990s. It is a way of managing construction projects in a virtual world where the design process is done in computer-aided design (CAD) systems that have BIM capabilities. Construction companies are using these technologies to digitally share information about their building designs and progress, fabricating and testing construction materials, and even automating the manufacturing of those materials in a faster and more efficient way. In addition to these technologies, 3D printing is being used in the building industry to create parts that would be too complicated or costly to make using traditional manufacturing methods. These parts can now be produced at a fraction of the cost because of 3D printing, which can also provide a better-quality product.

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