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At MEP Global Engineering, we offer cutting edge solutions when it comes to Scan to BIM 3D modeling services. We make use of the latest technology for converting laser survey and point cloud data into highly sophisticated and accurate 3D BIM models. Our Scan to BIM 3D modeling services are used by clients belonging to a wide range of sectors, including main contractors, architects, retailers and surveyors. Apart from offering Scan to BIM models for different types of structural and architectural building elements, we also regularly provide specialized MEP scan to BIM solutions to MEP designers, consulting engineers and MEP contractors who form a part of our esteemed clientele.

We make use of a wide range of BIM software solutions to create different types of BIM models. We make use of raw survey data which is a large compilation of data taken from rapidly processing data points that are millions in number. We collect images from the particular site in question and then use them to carry out Scan to BIM procedure. We also make use of raw survey data as well as images taken from the laser survey tools that are collected using a collection of special software tools that can be used for creating highly accurate architectural models and MEP models which can reflect the present stage of a building project. The Scan to BIM facilities that we have to offer can provide with a remarkable improvement in the existing-condition survey results compared to the surveys that use traditional measures.

Our highly advanced point cloud to the BIM modeling solutions can be used for creating accurate models for the as-built purposes and also for the retrofit, renovation and refurbishment projects. Our experts commonly combine scan to BIM data and models for the existing buildings with the models for the new and renovated parts of a building. We make sure that our models consist of all the current building elements like beams, ceilings, columns, external landscape elements, internal walls and the best MEP fittings. Our point cloud to BIM modeling services are known to be highly accurate when compared to the traditional surveys which are carried out with the measuring tools.

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We regularly work on 3D BIM models and create them with our laser scan. Our models are highly intelligent and provide accurate information on construction materials, applicable conditions and costs. This makes our Scan to BIM models so much more reliable and efficient.

At MEP Global Engineering, our team of skilled professionals excels in accurately capturing and interpreting 3D scan data for our valued clients. With their expertise and experience, we ensure that the final results are precise and reliable, empowering our clients to make informed decisions for their projects.

At our company, we maximize the power of point cloud technology by seamlessly combining it with our extensive BIM knowledge. Point cloud is a remarkable collection of data points that accurately captures the intricacies of a building's external surface in a three-dimensional coordinate system. By integrating these cutting-edge technologies, we bring unmatched precision and efficiency to our work. With our advanced 3D scanning technology, we are able to capture every intricate detail, eliminating the need for multiple site visits. Our team of experts then use this data to create accurate and detailed BIM models from the point cloud. This streamlines the process and ensures precision in your project.

The utilization of point cloud scan to BIM technology has gained significant traction across several industries. Retailers, main contractors, and architects are among the sectors that greatly benefit from this innovative solution. Moreover, MEP designers, MEP contractors, and consulting engineers have also recognized the immense value it brings to their workflows. One of the standout benefits of Scan to BIM is its impressive capability to thoroughly analyze the disparities between point cloud and model geometry. By seamlessly converting point cloud data into native Revit geometry and vice versa, this powerful tool ensures a high level of accuracy and efficiency in your modeling process.

    Our Scan to BIM includes: 2D Floor Plans, Elevations and Sections 3D Model 3D Laser Scan Point Cloud 3D Intelligent BIM Model (Including MEP) Rendered Visualizations

    We provide Scan to BIM services or Cloud to BIM services to Retail Sector, Engineering Consultants, Architectural Firm, Construction Firms, General Contractors and MEP Contractors

    With the scan to BIM model approach, you can seamlessly export or import data in a format compatible with electronic surveying equipment. This allows you to easily access and interpret survey data, helping you accurately assess as-built conditions. Furthermore, it enables you to effortlessly export design data for field verification, streamlining the overall construction process.

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Our global reach makes it possible for us to work with homebuilders, retailers, architects, building services engineers, main contractors, contractors and designers from all other parts of the world for their Point Cloud To BIM Modeling Services | Point Cloud Modeling | As Built BIM Model | BIM Model in 3D/4D/5D | 2D Floor Plans, Elevations and Sections | 3D Model | 3D Laser Scan Point Cloud | 3D Intelligent BIM Model (Including MEP) | Rendered Visualizations | Scan to BIM Conversion Services.

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