BIM Quantity Take-Offs

MEP Global Engineering is an expert provider of BIM Quantity Take Off services in India. We regularly work with designers, architects, contractors, sub-contractors, building owners and project managers involved with different stages of the construction process and provide them with high end BIM Quantity Take Off support for their own needs. We make use of the best practices and technologies to present them with the best and the most accurate estimation and calculation services.

Here are some of the quantity takeoff services that we have to offer:

  • Formation of libraries
  • Pre constructing of the work order sheets
  • First-rate construction documents
  • Detecting clash along with risk alleviation
  • Virtual Intelligent 3D Model
  • BIM Libraries
  • Architectural, Structural, MEP integration
  • Creation of libraries
  • High Quality Construction Documents
  • Drawing out of the most exact project information

For quite some time, we have been delivering Quantity Takeoff Services to our clients and this has enabled us to develop in-depth expertise in this sphere. We make use of specific methods when it comes to delivering quantity takeoff services to our clients, making sure that our clients always get the most accurate results. This helps them to analyze the costs as well as the various phases associated with the life cycle of the projects. With the project modifications that we can help to initiate, our clients can manage excessive budget overruns in a convenient manner.

Here are some of the advantages that our Quantity Takeoff Services can provide you with:

  • We can provide highly detailed analysis of all designs
  • We ensure better study, understanding and evaluation
  • We can perform material analysis
  • We ensure on-time delivery of all services
  • We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction
  • We can deliver our services 24/7
  • We provide completely customized services
  • We have got a team of highly experienced and talented estimators
  • We offer the best cost effective solutions

Our global reach makes it possible for us to work with homebuilders, retailers, architects, building services engineers, main contractors, contractors and designers from all other parts of the world for Manual Quantity Takeoff | Digital Quantity Takeoffs | 5D BIM Modeling Services and Cost-estimation | Budgets Control|RA bills | Cost monitoring |Floating tenders | Project Bids .

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