Fire Protection

MEP Global Engineering is a reputable and reliable provider of fire protection systems and consulting services in India. We have been working with clients belonging to different sectors to provide them with efficient fire protection services for their design goals. We can prepare plans and decide on material specifications for the bidding, approval and construction of comprehensive fire suppression systems that can be installed in high rise buildings, industrial, commercial, institutional, educational and residential occupancies. Our systems can easily handle specialized fire hazards under different circumstances. We also specialize in coordination and designing of advanced accessory systems and construction details for standpipes, fire pumps, combined sprinkler/standpipe systems as well as water storage tanks.

Our experts can deliver smart fire protection planning services to customers that can cover all possible instances of fire hazards. We can furnish layouts for fire protection infrastructure as well as create co-ordinations for building system planning that can be used for specific occupancies. We can also analyze and program conformance according to applicable codes, insurance requirements and risk management programming. Based on the proposed project design, we can also coordinate competing requirements for various types of fire protection systems. Our experience in this sphere allows us to be highly precise with our work.

  • Fire fighting layouts and details (Cost and Material)
  • Architectural Hydrant & sprinkler systems
  • Fire detection systems
  • Sprinkler, smoke detection, and gas suppression design
  • Fire protection fabrications
  • Gas quantity calculations
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Paper to CAD conversion
  • Record (as installed or as-built) drawing
  • Calculation for Water Storage Capacity and Pump Sizing Calculations
  • Design & preparation of Schematic diagrams
  • We can make use of computer modeling for substantiating the design basis for underground and building fire protection systems. Based on the specific needs of our clients, we can enhance the potential of the fire protection capabilities that can enable us to develop a thoroughly efficient and systematic approach to property and business protection. We can take into consideration the proposed processes and occupancies of our clients and come up with innovative fire system designing criteria. Our skills at developing performance specifications can also boost the efficiency of fire protection systems and provide clients with the necessary peace of mind.

Our global reach makes it possible for us to work with homebuilders, retailers, architects, building services engineers, main contractors, contractors and designers from all other parts of the world for Firefighting Design Services | Sprinkler, smoke detection, and gas suppression design | Gas quantity calculations |Schematic diagram design | Paper to CAD conversion | Wet and dry riser designs.

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