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At MEP Global Engineering, we are proud to deliver top notch structural engineering services to our clients that can be used for a wide range of projects. Our team of experts regularly works with different types of project handlers and can implement BIM for state of the art structural drafting services and structural engineering services. Structural engineering has greatly improved over the last couple of years and currently it is capable of defining different types of designing tasks like structural analysis and conceptual designing. Our highly advanced structural BIM services can help to transform the nature and scope of various projects and we make use of innovative ways when it comes to handling and visualizing of all the components. BIM Structural Modeling Services, where we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for structural design and construction processes using Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our services encompass various stages of the project, including structural BIM modeling, construction documentation, BIM-based cost estimation (5D BIM), and BIM models for coordination.

We make use of comprehensive structural shop drawing expertise to work over different types of structures and buildings. Our highly accurate work helps to make sure the errors in designing and drafting are kept to the minimum. With our expert structural drafting solutions, designing costs can be kept at minimum while at the same time productivity can be enhanced on multiple levels. The BIM for effective structural engineering services that we offer can help clients to implement better analysis of various situations through effective and accurate simulation.

Being one of the industry leaders in the sphere of structural designing and drafting, we always make sure to deliver top notch services to all our clients. Our experts can offer robust quality structural engineering services, architectural design service, Structural Shop Drawing facilities, BIM-MEP outsourcing services, 3D visualization and other services.

Here are some of the Structural Engineering services that we can offer to our Global clients:

  • Structural Detailed Drawings
  • Co-ordination Modeling
  • Structural BIM Modeling
  • Material Take offs
  • Quantity and Estimation
  • Rebar Detailing
  • BIM-Based Cost Estimation (5D BIM)
  • BIM Models for Coordination
  • Construction Documentation
  • Creation of Parametric Libraries
  • 4D Scheduling
  • Point Cloud to BIM Modeling
  • Steel Structure Detailing
  • Structural Shop Drawings
  • Industrial Structures Design and Analysis
  • Design and Analysis of High-rise Structures
  • Retrofitting and Rehabilitation of Structures
  • Peer Review Services
  • Structural Shop Drawing Services
  • Custom Home Design and Analysis
  • Structural BIM Consulting and Design Services
  • Structural Fabrication Drawing
  • Structural Model Preparation
  • BIM-Based Cost Estimation (5D BIM)
  • Structural Drafting
  • Structural Steel Detailing Company
  • Construction Shop Drawing
  • Precast modeling and detailing
  • Structural shop drawings creation
  • Structural steel detailing services
  • 4D-5D-6D construction phasing and simulation services
  • Construction Shop Drawing
  • With our structural BIM modeling services, we create accurate and detailed 3D models of the structural components of your project. Our experienced team of structural engineers and modelers utilize advanced BIM software to develop models that capture all relevant structural elements, including beams, columns, slabs, foundations, and more. These models serve as a visual representation of the structure, enabling better design analysis and coordination.

    Construction documentation is a vital aspect of any construction project, and our services ensure that you have precise and comprehensive documentation. We generate detailed drawings, plans, sections, and schedules based on the BIM models, ensuring that all necessary information is included for construction purposes. Our documentation follows industry standards and is tailored to meet your project's specific requirements.

    BIM-based cost estimation, also known as 5D BIM, is another service we provide to assist you in accurate cost estimation and budgeting. By integrating the BIM models with cost databases and project schedules, we can provide you with detailed cost estimates at various stages of the project. This helps in effective cost planning, optimizing resources, and making informed decisions. Our BIM models for coordination enable seamless collaboration and clash detection between different building systems. We create clash-free BIM models that integrate structural elements with other disciplines, such as architectural and MEP systems. This coordination ensures that conflicts and clashes are identified and resolved before construction, minimizing rework and delays. At our BIM Structural Modeling Services, we are committed to delivering high-quality solutions that streamline the structural design and construction process. We leverage the power of BIM technology to enhance collaboration, improve visualization, and facilitate efficient project management.

    Contact us today to discuss your BIM structural modeling needs, and let us demonstrate how our services can add value to your projects. Trust us to provide you with reliable and efficient BIM solutions that optimize your structural design, streamline construction documentation, enable accurate cost estimation, and facilitate coordination between different building systems.

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