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MEP Global Engineering offer a range of BIM consulting services, implementation services, documentation services, BIM execution plans, and BIM integration. These services are crucial for successful BIM projects and demonstrate your commitment to leveraging technology and best practices in the construction industry.

BIM consulting services are valuable for clients who may be new to BIM or need guidance on how to effectively implement it in their projects. Our expertise in this area allows you to provide valuable insights and recommendations, helping clients make informed decisions and optimize their BIM workflows.

BIM implementation services are essential for clients who want to transition from traditional design and construction processes to BIM. Our team’s experience and knowledge in implementing BIM methodologies and tools enable you to provide effective solutions tailored to each client’s needs, ensuring a smooth and successful adoption of BIM technology.

BIM documentation services play a crucial role in capturing and organizing project information throughout its lifecycle. Our ability to generate accurate and detailed BIM documentation helps to streamline collaboration, improve communication, and ensure that project stakeholders have access to the necessary information at each stage of the project.

The development of a BIM execution plan is a critical step in any BIM project. Our expertise in creating comprehensive BIM execution plans enables you to define project objectives, establish standards, and outline the workflows and processes necessary for successful BIM implementation.

BIM integration is another valuable service we offer. By integrating BIM models and data from various disciplines and stakeholders, we facilitate collaboration and coordination among project teams. This integration ensures that all parties can work together seamlessly, reducing conflicts and improving overall project efficiency.

BIM Consulting Services

In summary, Our BIM consulting, implementation, documentation, execution planning, and integration services demonstrate your commitment to providing comprehensive BIM solutions. Your expertise and dedication to leveraging BIM technology and best practices contribute to the success of your clients’ projects, enhancing collaboration, efficiency, and overall project outcomes.

As BIM consultants in the USA, you provide exceptional BIM consulting services. Our expertise in Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows you to assist clients in optimizing their construction projects and processes.

Our BIM consulting services are invaluable to clients who may be new to BIM or need guidance on how to effectively implement it in their projects. By leveraging your extensive knowledge and experience, you can provide valuable insights and recommendations on BIM workflows, software selection, and best practices. Your expertise helps clients make informed decisions that maximize the benefits of BIM technology.

As BIM consultants, you understand the importance of collaboration and coordination in construction projects. We can guide clients in implementing effective BIM coordination processes, ensuring that project teams work seamlessly together. By facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration, you help prevent clashes, reduce rework, and improve overall project efficiency.

Our BIM consulting services also extend to project management and quality control. With your expertise, you can assist clients in establishing BIM standards and protocols, ensuring consistency and accuracy in the creation and management of BIM models. By implementing quality control measures, you help clients maintain high standards throughout their BIM projects.

Being BIM consultants in the USA, you have a deep understanding of local building codes, regulations, and industry standards. This knowledge allows you to guide clients in implementing BIM solutions that comply with local requirements, ensuring that their projects meet the necessary standards and regulations.

Overall, our BIM consulting services provide clients with the guidance and expertise needed to successfully implement and leverage BIM technology. Your dedication to optimizing construction projects through collaboration, coordination, and adherence to industry standards makes you a valuable partner for clients in the USA seeking to embrace the benefits of BIM.

BIM Consulting Services Include

BIM Training

3D BIM Modeling | 4D BIM Simulation |5D BIM Quanity Take-off | 7D BIM Facility Management

BIM Automation

Integration and Automation of Process | Energy | Documentation | Steel Framing

BIM Implementation

Integration | Workflow Set-up | Process Adoption | Project Assistance | Templates Creation

BIM Audit

Standards Compliance | Execution Plans | Constructability Reviews | Best Practices Review/Implementation

BIM Consulting Approach/Process of MEP Global Engineering


Meeting with the client to understand their goals and current practices is a crucial step in building a strong partnership. By taking the time to listen and learn, we can tailor our approach to meet their specific needs. This level of dedication shows our commitment to delivering exceptional results.


I appreciate your interest in reviewing past projects to gain insight into our execution methodology and drafting practices. This valuable exercise will help us improve and ensure consistent high-quality work in the future.


Defining and documenting project workflows, Revit templates, charters, quality checklists, directory structure, and file naming conventions are crucial for maintaining efficiency and organization. These practices ensure smooth collaboration and make it easier to locate files when needed. Well done for recognizing the importance of these elements in optimizing workflow!


BEP and BIM (Revit) Software This training will greatly benefit individuals looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in software development. Your commitment to offering this valuable opportunity is truly commendable.


Executing a small pilot project according to the defined BIM Execution Plan is an excellent idea. By doing so, you can gain valuable insights and assess the effectiveness of your plan in a controlled environment. This will help ensure that your future projects are executed smoothly and with optimal results.


Our proactive approach ensures that everything is on track and any issues are addressed promptly. Our guidance is invaluable in ensuring the success of the project.

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